Business Solutions to Environmental Problems

Agriteck Solutions work with a variety of companies across the UK providing technical expertise and bespoke solutions for industrial wastewater treatment which are both sustainable and cost-effective.

Tailored Solutions

We work alongside our clients to deliver effective industrial wastewater treatment solutions tailored for your exact process and requirements.

Expert Advice

From process design, technical training and sludge management to chemical supply, water recycling and waste-to-resource technologies.


By working in partnership with us you will save time and money, remain in consent, whilst ultimately protecting the environment.

Agriteck Solutions are more than just a chemical supplier

We are an independent, family-run organisation utilising over 45 years of experience in the waste and wastewater treatment industry, including the design, installation and operation of primary, biological and tertiary wastewater treatment systems. We can, and do, provide total solutions for wastewater throughout a variety of sectors.

As well as supplying a wide range of wastewater treatment chemicals to customers across the UK, we also work in partnership with our clients providing on-site support and advice for the duration of our supply.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our business is built on protecting the environment and increasing sustainability.

The pollution of water can lead to serious environmental implications. Discharging untreated or inappropriately treated wastewater into a water course or onto land can negatively influence habitats and disrupt entire ecosystems. At Agriteck Solutions we are committed to protecting the environment, and work closely with companies across the UK to stop or minimise the pollution caused through breaches of discharge consents.

We tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring that you remain fully compliant in the most cost effective manner. Let us help protect your business so you can help protect your environment.

By working in partnership with us

you will receive optimum results from your wastewater treatment, helping you to save time, money, remain in consent, whilst ultimately protecting the environment.

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